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Zephyr Jewelhorn
Mister jewelhorn by xannador-d8i0r1l.jpg
Full name Zephyr Jewelhorn
Age Adult
Status Alive
Gender Male
Species Western dragon
Type Air dragon
Family Plume Feathertail (mate)
Tori Jewelhorn (daughter)
Civil status 1st class civilian
Occupation Owner of the biggest Warfang mine and weapon monopoly
Created by Xannador
Belongs to Xannador
Comics Bloody Dawn

"People who say that money can't buy happiness, obviously don't have a lot of it. call me a materialist but it's always easier to cry in a castle than in the mud under a bridge."

-Zephyr Jewelhorn.   


Better known as "Mister Jewelhorn", one of the richest dragons in Warfang. A self-made dragon. Owner of the biggest Warfang mine and has a monopoly in the weapon industry.

He started up his company in Warfang and, because of the war, the weapon sales exploded, and didn't take him long to build it out into a mega-corporation. He has countless people working for him. Mostly "diggers" that search for metal and gems in the mines. War makes a small minority rich and the rest will be left behind in poverty... He loves attending to large balls and parties with his good friend Doucheicus. This is also where he met his wife Plume.

Zephyr: "Ah man, she talks a lot. But look at that butt!'

Plume: "He's kinda crazy but he's got money! 

And so, not much later they moved in together. And strangely enough, it worked out for the two of them since they both care more about money than each other. They had one child, Tori. Since Mister Jewelhorn and his wife were almost always away on business trips, Tori was mostly brought up by a nanny.


Plume Feathertail[]

While Plume found Zephyr a handsome dragon, it didn't mean she was never attracted to any other dragon. And it isn't like Zephyr would never do the same with other female dragons.

Tori Jewelhorn[]

The only child of Zephyr, whom he wants to be similar to Plume. He didn't mind arranging a marriage between her and Dorkus, but Tori, as a young girl, was completely disturbed by such an idea and refused all the way. But Zephyr, just like Doucheicus, can be a very patient dragon. He'd get her to submit to his ideas eventually.

Doucheicus Blackclaw[]

Dorkus' father and TJ's father had been friends for a very long time. Neither really had problems with arranged marriages and they would find it rather interesting if their bloodline's crossed.

Validor Starwing[]

"That three-legged rat better stay away from my daughter."

He knew the way they look at each other. And he didn't like it. At all. So he tried to break their friendship. Tori could hang out with them, but only under the condition that they would always call her by her full name, Tori Jewelhorn. Like that, he figured those kids would eventually get annoyed by it and search some other friends. But to his dismay, those three suddenly started calling his Daughter "TJ"...

"He never said anything about abbreviations, did he?"