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Xavier Blooddiamond
Full name Xavier Blooddiamond
Age Adult
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Species Western dragon
Type Ice/earth dragon
Element(s) Crystal
Skill level Guardian
Family Curati Crystalclaw (mother)
Kyron Frostfire (brother, deceased)
Validor Starwing (nephew)
Snowfly Starwing (niece)
Semias Blooddiamond (son)
Civil status 1st class civilian
Occupation Guardian
Created by DragonOfIceAndFire
Belongs to RusCSI (transfer)
Comics Bloody Dawn
The Final Lesson

Xavier Blooddiamond was the Guardian of Crystal.

Personality & Character[]

Grumpy and aggressive.

Skills & abilities[]

Xavier knew all kinds of tricks with his crystal element, even the fury.


None known.


His past was unknown, but he's certainly been a powerful soldier.

He's known to be so strict, cruel and demanding that his previous apprentice died during training. It's unknown whether this was due to the intensity and danger of the training he put the apprentice through, or some other cause. 

His own son, Semias, became the new apprentice. This sparked the rumour that the old apprentice was killed by Xavier, so that his son would become the new apprentice. However, he treated his own son even worse, with no one stepping in to help the poor apprentice in case the Crystal Guardian went berserk and quite possibly severely injure them.

And one day, his seemingly weak, useless child went berserk, killing him with a surprise attack... How tragic.



  • He was killed by his son a year before the events of the main comic.