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Hello fellow wiki users,

I have this project of mine, which is covering as much as I can about this wonderful world and using it for construction of hopefully working and balanced D&D campaign. If you’ve ever heard about D&D, than you know that it’ll be a lot of work, but if I manage to make a working version, I’ll give free access to it. Those are some of the most basic questions I could think of and I need to know and more are to come. For any information I’ll be grateful and if you are interested more, just send me a message.




What is the size of Warfang City?

What is the size of city population?

What is the population density of the city?

What are all the intelligent species?

How big part of the population are dragons and other races?

What is the size of shielded area?

Is the shielded area spherical?

Is Warfang’s water supply from the Dam?

What crops are grown on the fields?

What wildlife was there before war and what part of it survived / is shielded?

I’ve found maps of whole world, but what is the size of it?


Thanks for your time,