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Hello again, to any who might be reading this. 

recently, I have been asking myself some questions. not just about the darkers, but about the elements themselves... 

as I was questioning exactly where the darkers came from, and what they are, I also got to wondering; how did they come to possess qualities that are so similar to that of dragons? 

now that I think of it, it may be possible that the darkers were once dragons, who were corrupted by darkness, and over time mutated to better suit their malicious desires. 

so, then how did the dark varities of elements show up? why are some elements rarer than others, namely the more powerful elements, such as solar flare, hurricane, earthquake, when one would expect more powerful elements to be more prominent, as weilders of such elements would be more powerful, and as such, be able to live longer and have children to pass on their element too. 

i cannot help but ask myself these questions. perhaps I shall go and seek an audience with the guardians...

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