Full name Tuzhar
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Gender Herm
Species Dark dragon
Type Parasite
Element(s) Dark fire, shadow
Skill level ???
Civil status Not a citizen of Warfang
Dark army status Soldier
Intelligence High
Can speak? Yes
Created by ShadowOfDarkAndLite
Belongs to ShadowOfDarkAndLite
Comics Main comic
Old Scars
The bird song

Tuzhar's name speaks aloud as he likes to set things on fire.

Personality & Character Edit

Tuzhar may look skinny, but he is not. He feeds off weaker darkers who have no purpose, but being slaves to more powerful darkers. Not much is known about Tuzhar besides the fact that he lives up to his species reputation of having no fear over anything, he does not care for anyone either, he will kill anything and everything that gets in his way except for Spyro and Malefor who have total control over most darkers.

Tuzhar is very intelligent unlike most darkers, a few darkers can speak and understand many language's, he happens to be one of them that can speak. He has a fiery tail that can burn one just like his breath, so he likes to hit enemies in the face with his tail if he cannot breathe fire on the target.

Skills & abilities Edit

Tuzhar's eye's glow yellow, however the glow becomes more noticeable either the angrier he gets or the more powerful he gets if around dark gems, which fuel darker's powers.

Feeding on emotions Edit

Sometimes he feeds on negative emotions for having a boost in his powers.

Natural weapons Edit

His horns are very sharp and almost metal like instead of bone. He can use them to pierce anything, even armor or bone-plating. His teeth that show while his mouth is closed can grind or pierce anything just like his horns, and can be used to suck prey dry of blood, like a vampire, he can also inject poisonous (Bacteria) saliva that can cause flesh to rot just like a Komodo dragon.

Weaknesses Edit

Light, just like all darkers, his skin isn't very thick or protective either, however most creatures cannot get close enough to attack his skin due to his ability to fly and dodge most attacks, unless an object that is moving too fast, then it might be unstoppable and only can be attempted to avoid.

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