Tipsay Ironsong
Full name Tipsay
Age Adult
Status Alive
Gender Female
Species Western dragon
Type Ice dragon
Element(s) Ice
Skill level Average
Family Firial Siclewing (father)
Tejorf Obsidianeye (mother)
Claymore Ironsong (mate)
Chiani Ironsong(daughter)
Civil status 2nd class civilian
Occupation Vendor
Created by Aarok
Belongs to Aarok

Tipsay works in "Drakenodem" together with her mate and helps to craft armour for Freedom Flyers.

Personality & Character Edit

Tipsay is a friendly and optimistic dragoness, who really likes to live in Warfang, even though the current situation and her past experience sometimes bring her down and make her realize, how little she can do to change it, since she is not a fighter. She rarely talks about her feelings with other dragons and only shares them with her family. 

Thanks to the daily contact with customers, she knows many citizens of Warfang and turned into a way more open dragoness, then she was as child. She has a very close connection to her parents and tends to be a little bit overprotective about her daughter.   

Skills & abilities Edit

Tipsay isn't very skilled and just knows the basics of her element, since she never had to fight with it. She only uses it sometimes to cool down iron for the armors.

Freezewalk Edit

She is able to freeze water under her feet (not whole ponds, oceans, rivers etc.), only a small piece that allows her to walk over it.

Hailshards Edit

She spits several small hailshards at a target and they shatter on contact.

Ice beam Edit

She breathes out a straight frozen beam, that freeze on contact.

Backstory Edit

Tipsay hatched near Dante's Freezer and lived there together with her parents, until the amount of Darkers in this region suddenly rose to a life threatening level. The dragon family decided to seek shelter in Warfang, on their journey Tipsays' parents both got several scars from Darker attacks, Tejorf even lost a big part of his wing, leaving him unable to fly forever. After an exhausting journey, they finally reached the city and slowly started to build themselves a new life. Tipsay was only used to be together with her parents and therefor had her difficulties to get along with other dragons of her age.  After she finished the dragonschool, she started to work in the little jewelcraftershop "The Obsidiancove" of her mother, until she met her future mate Claymore, the Blacksmith. Her parents weren't too fond of the fact, that she fell in love with a firedragon, but also didn't want to see their daughter unhappy and accepted him as Tipsays mate. Shortly after their "wedding", Claymore decided to open his own forge "Drakenodem" in Warfang, where he forges and repairs armors, while Tipsay is mainly busy with selling them to the customers, decorate the finished armors with gemstones and also delivers them from time to time.

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