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The Southern Wyvern Kingdom
Main characteristics
Capital Ettirgram
Acreage Around Germany's
Population Wyverns
Climate Coast climate
Founded in 439
Fell in 1556
Last known ruler King Cardashian

For centuries, the southern wyvern kingdom served as a home to a dragon sub species, the Wyverns. It's located above the Savannah and desert kingdoms, dominating the coast of Leviathan's ocean.

It has a mild climate because of the nearby seas. There is no large temprature differences between summer and winter. The wyvern kingdom is known to be very peaceful. They never waged wars against other kingdoms. But they did have a large pirate problem. Which is why the kingdom did not drop it's defence even in an Era of peace.

The capital was build on an enormous floating rock. No one knew why it floated or why it never moved places, even with all the wind currents it faced daily. Rumors said that it might not be a rock, but the biggest diamond in the world, a gravity diamond. These rumors were never confirmed.

Their foodsource mostly relied on fish. The Wyverns are known to specialise in fish recepies.

The southern wyvern kingdom fell in 1556, to the claws of the dark masters forces. 98% of the population was wiped out, the survivers fled to Warfang.


  • The reason that southern wyvern kingdom has "southern" in it's name, isn't because there's also a northern, western or eastern wyvren kingdom. It's simply because...it's in the south;
  • The design of the capital is inspired by the paintings of Réné Margritte, a genius in his own right.