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The Imperfect are a cult based on the worship of Darkers and the Dark Masters. To them, their body and existence is flawed, and that darkers are the next step in evolution, a blessed entity worthy of continuing existence.

They are based in the third district. Any species is allowed to join, but the cult is mostly composed of dragons, due to being related to darkers more than other species.


The Imperfect exist because of the guilt of others, as they see themselves flawed, unloved, unhappy and sick. This is to be considered a flaw of the body, which is too imperfect to exist in the new world. As darkers have no free will, it is seen as a holy existence, without the pain of the soul or the failing body.

The body is also considered to be obsolete, that darkers are the ones that have reached perfection in them. Free from all the flaws that a normal one provides. That they will be free of torment, pain, guilt or hate. That said emotions are the body rejecting the true purpose of the soul, that the vessel they inhabit is unable to support it.


The cult leader is known as the True Penitent.

No one knows his true identity or face, as it is permanently shielded by a mask, cloak and hood. The only thing possible to see is that his scale color is white.


To be accepted, there is a ritual to take part in. The initiated must recite a holy prayer to the Dark Masters with the others, then must consume raw darker flesh to bring themselves closer to them. This can make them extremely sick, but it is naturally accepted as “the body rejecting perfection”.

Then, the next day, they are asked to recite another prayer, and then, to show devotion, to sacrifice one part of themselves. May it be horns, spines, limbs or anything physical. This is not necessary at first but is very well appreciated by the True Penitent.


As the Imperfect is accepted by the cult, they are now required to take place in near-daily communion. They are asked to come shielded in heavy clothing, to shield their body away.

This is when they are told of the Pains of the body, of how they are on the path of ascension, or to ease their guilt just a bit, to ease them into said ascension.

Many rites are done. The most known is the one of sacrifice, where blood and body parts are incinerated. The less natural body parts one has, the holier they are in the eyes of the True Penitent. It brings the Imperfect’s soul closer to a Darker body, and makes it compatible with such.


After the Imperfect has been fully integrated, he can now talk to the True Penitent in person, allowing him to tell stories of the First Penitent, the first one to ascend and the predecessor to the True Penitent. He explains that he cannot be reborn as he is a ‘prophet’; sent by the Dark Masters to fuel their conquest. He tells them that his greatest guilt is to guide others to rebirth, and that as long as the cult exists, he cannot himself ascend. Therefore he is known by his name as True Penitent.


After showing enough devotion and sacrifice, the True Penitent proposes the Imperfect one last rite to guarantee their soul reaches the Well and to be reborn as a Darker.

The True Penitent takes them to a room alone, where they are asked to recite the holiest of prayers, known as the Joyous Guilt.

After reciting, their blood is collected in a vial as an anchor to the Dragon Realms. Without the vial, rebirth is not seen as possible.

Then, they are allowed to see the face of the True Penitent as he licks and kisses the wound, in symbolism to the return of the body to Nature itself.

The Imperfect then is asked to forfeit every mortal possession to the True Penitent to ensure the continuous existence of the cult and is then let go. Their body is usually kissed by every single devout member, to assure their soul is blessed before their death.

Death and Rebirth[]

There is no greater and holy death than to die by the hands of a Darker, but any single possible death is accepted. Some decide to exile themselves and throw themselves at darkers, some commit horrid crimes to get executed publicly as a display of faith, or some would rather suicide in the comfort of their home. For the last one, practice is to cut away parts of their flesh and bleed to death, allowing the soul to be freed of the vessel it is imprisoned in.

The First Penitent has taken the path of exile and is now considered to be reborn as a Darker, free of the pain and guilt of their own existence, serving the Dark Masters with the only will to obey them. This is the greatest joy an Imperfect can experience.


The Imperfect are considered as occult worshippers of the Dark Masters to the royal family and police, and those that take part in it are considered as traitors. They are usually imprisoned for life or executed when found out of, depending on their level of indoctrination.

The cult lives by bribes, fueled by the donation of those that follow the True Penitent. Due to his shadowy nature, bribery and protection by the Mafia, he has never been caught.



  • The cult originated outside Warfang and was brought in by remnants that managed to get to the city;
  • It does not have a lot of [currently living] members due to its nature.
  • The card symbol's meaning is that the soul is the infinite symbol, while the bottom part shows it rooted (to the flawed body), and the top part, showing it extending and being free (ascension)