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Stryker is one of few remaining Wyverns.

Full name Unknown
Age Adult
Status Alive
Gender Male
Species Wyvren
Civil status 3rd class civilian
Occupation None
Created by DragonOfIceAndFire
Belongs to CyberDesro3300

Personality & Character[]

Silent, aggressive. He doesn't like dragons. Suffers from PTSD.

Skills & Abilities[]

Like all wyverns, he has no element but he makes up for it with a devastating amount of strength, skill, and ferocity in battle. He was able to slaughter countless darkers despite being injured and outnumbererd and still had enough endurance to still make the treck to warfang.


Stryker was almost out of his teens when the Southern Wyvern kingdom was attacked. He and a group of others, mostly family, fled. Darkers followed, and all but him were killed. He was wounded, but managed to fight the remaining Darkers and kill them - after all, he had been trained as a Warrior (even if that training was never completed). After days of traveling, fighting, surviving, he came across other survivors of a different race, that had also been attacked. They told him they were heading to Warfang, where, supposedly, it was rumored to be safe. He followed them.

Shortly after arriving, he wound up in the 3rd class district, where he still lives to this day, as one of the few remaining Wyverns. He makes all his money from winning illegal fight tournaments. He even has enough that he could live in the 2nd class district, but for some reason, he chooses to stay in the slums. It could be because the taxes are lower in the Third Class, or he sympathises with the rest of the poor in his district and doesn't want to leave them behind. He's also turned down multiple invitations to join the Freedom Flyers, presumably because he's the last of the wyverns and doesn't want to be killed in battle.

Sometime during his time in the Third Class district he killed Riskel Coalclaw for his crimes against the district he called home, namely for raping and beating up the citizens of not only his district but the Second Class as well. The Civil Police haven't bought him to justice yet, mainly because they also hated his guts as well.