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Female, 25 years old, Russian communist. Bilingual, speak Russian (native) and English. Introvert.

Graduated in summer of 2016 as a master of economics, currently working full day in an educational organization as a specialist (collect/write data and stuff).

Generally I'm calm and peaceful, quite patient, may be wary around people, taking time to evaluate them. I despise people who try to bribe someone to get on a good side or lead a "double life" by pretending to be nice when they're not.

Tools of use Edit

Digital: Edit

  • Photoshop CS4 Portable
  • Bamboo Pen CTL-460

Traditional: Edit

  • Mechanic pencil(s)
  • Drawing pens (black)
  • Markers
  • Paper pieces
  • Hands

Contribution Edit

  • Elemental research/guidelines
  • Freedom Flyer armour design (participated)
  • PL main comic (taken over from chapter 3)
  • PL universe management
  • PL wiki management

Character list Edit

Originally created only. Character transfers are not included.

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