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Queen Anacondra
Full name Anacondra
Age Unknown (very old) (at death)
Status Deceased
Gender Female
Species Western dragon
Type Water dragon
Family Julius Warfang (mate)
3 unnamed daughters
Civil status Queen of Warfang
(from marriage to death)
Created by Xannador
Belongs to Xannador

Queen Anacondra was a mate of King Julius Warfang.

Personality & Character[]

Just like the outside, Anacondra was truly gorgeous on the inside as well. She cared deeply for her people. During her life, she has made numerous attempts to make the lives of the socially weaker in her kingdom better. She opened free medical cares, schools and the central parc in Warfang City, Parc Anacondra, is still named after her as she was responsible for it's construction.

Anacondra was a water dragoness that belonged to the genesis of "tiger dragons" which are dragons with tiger like markings. These were common among fire dragons. Tiger dragons were usually more agressive and hot headed than the average dragon, but Anacondra proved to be nothing like that. Much to the king's and Warfang's relief. Her tranquil behavior was most likely to thank to the fact that she was a water dragon, instead of a fire tiger dragon.


Long long passed away, the old queen's legacy still blazes on. It's said there were fought wars over her beauty. When her husband, King Julius Warfang is asked after those, he says he doesn't remember any of them, but he will always confirm the fact that he always won.

Even though the marriage between Anacondra and Julius was arranged by their parents and in Anacondra's case, the royals of the eastern kingdoms, love eventually started to form between the two. Because it took so long for them to love each other, they had children pretty late. Almost too late in fact. They've maybe never chosen for eachother, but neither would they have wanted to be with anyone else. It was one of the rare cases where a arranged marriage did work out well.

The old queen passed away before the start of the second Dark War, dying peacefully in her sleep. She and King Warfang had 3 daughters.


King Julius Warfang[]