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Time is measured in dragon years.

Here are 7 months in a whole year. Each are simply called 'Moons'; like so... First Moon, Fifth Moon, etc... The days are counted by how long it takes for the red moon, Adrano, to make a full orbit. The first 5 months have 46 days, while the last two months have 50 days. A whole year is 330 days. A day is 34 hours. Spring lasts for 1 month, summer lasts 2 and a half months, autumn lasts 1 and Winter lasts 2 and a half as well.

  • Year 0: Fall of the mythical empire of Light
  • Year 677: Warfang founded
  • Year 1491: Malefor, the first purple dragon is born
  • Year 1522: Malefor turns to evil, start of Dark War I
  • Year 1530: Malefor defeated, end of Dark War I
  • Year 1540: Raid on the temple, Gaul destroys eggs. Spyro And Cynder are born. Cynder is corrupted.
  • Year 1544: Cynder captures Guardians.
  • Year 1551: Spyro finds Ignitus, frees the Guardians and defeats Cynder, returning her to a normal state.
  • Year 1552: Spyro and Cynder disappear. Malefor returns. Start of Dark War II
  • Year 1555: Spyro and Cynder defeat Malefor. End of Dark War II
  • Year 1556: Spyro abruptly turns evil, frees Malefor. Start of Dark War III. Cynder is terribly wounded.
  • Year 1557: Cynder joins the army after recovering.
  • Year 1560: Cynder defeat General Blackclaw, replaces him.
  • Year 1561: Freedom Flyers created.
  • Year 1564: "main 4" (Validor, TJ, Burner, Electroy) are born.
  • Year 1573: Bloody Dawn
  • Year 1578: Warfang infiltrated (main comic)


  • Spyro and Cynder are 38 years old.
  • Malefor is 87 years old.
  • The old Guardians are 50-80 years old.
  • Blackclaw is 58 years old.
  • The Third Dark Ward has been ongoing for 22 years;
  • Validor, TJ, Burner, Electroy are 14.
  • Bloody Dawn took place 5 years before the main events of the story.
  • Snowfly hatched shortly before Bloody Dawn, she's 5 years old.
  • Burner's brothers are 7 years old.
  • The Royal family was murdered in 1559; King fell ill.
  • Ember was born in 1543, she's 35 years old.
  • Spyro was 11 when he defeated Cynder. both were 13 when they disappeared.
  • They were 15 when they defeated Malefor. Spyro became evil after turning 17.
  • Flame is 41 years old.
  • Hunter is 54 years old.
  • The Warfang Wall was finished 2.5 years after the start of the war. The shield was erected 4 months later.