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Pure Light
Main info
Full title Pure Light
Type Comic
Style Mixed
Status Ongoing
Chapters 6 (currently)
15 (planned originally)
Pages 320 (currently)
Created by
Author Xannador (pages 1-90)
Co-authors DragonofIceAndFire (page 91-94)
RusCSI (page 95-ongoing)
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A year after Malefor's defeat, Spyro suddenly went mad, freed the dark master and joined him. Cynder attempted to stop them, but failed, barely survived. All around the world the creatures of the dark, unable to move freely before under the daylight, came out to feast...

Many years later, in the last standing place, city of Warfang, the last survivors try their best to fight the dark army. 


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Validor Starwing is a juvenile dragon living in the city of Warfang, the last refuge in the world against the dark dragons. Validor has three other dragons in his primary group of friends: the mischievous Electroy Thunderfang, hot-headed Burner Phoenixwing, and eggheaded Tori Jewelhorn. Validor hides that he is one of three purple dragons, of which the other two, Spyro and Malefor, are the "masters" of the dark dragons.

A merchant in a disappearing shop gives the four bracelets corresponding to their body colors, with Validor's being his true purple instead of his disguise's blue. In an attempt to find a way out of Warfang, the four inadvertently break a barrier and allow dark dragons into the city. A battle begins inside the city between the dark dragons and the Freedom Flyers, its protectors. Electroy, who is the apprentice electricity guardian, is exposed as a coward. Validor's disguise breaks, and he is exposed as a purple dragon. The Freedom Flyers shoot Validor and presume that he is killed, but are later unable to find his body. The city guards go after Validor's family, and Validor awakens in an unfamiliar location being taunted by an evil image of his self in the future.

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Main characters[]

Character cameos[]

All character cameos are listed in chronological order.

Only the first appearance is listed; in case if a character is first mentioned and then appears, they get listed twice.

Chapter 1[]

  • Dorkus Blackclaw
  • Metallum ???
  • Voltia ???
  • Malefor (mention)
  • Spyro (mention)
  • General Cynder (mention)
  • Dinky ???
  • Aurora Starwing
  • Snowfly Starwing

Chapter 2[]

  • Kyron Frostfang (mention)
  • Professor Takanobu (mention)
  • Princess Ember
  • Shopkeeper
  • King Julius Warfang (mention)
  • Stormer Phoenixwing
  • Roaster Phoenixwing
  • Sneaker Phoenixwing
  • Medusa
  • General Cynder
  • Casi Silverscale
  • Flame Goldcrest
  • Isky Blackpaw
  • Baboush
  • Carlos
  • Hunter
  • Adelee
  • Bandit
  • Princess Ember
  • Moneybags
  • Chimero
  • Tuzhar

Chapter 3[]

  • Poisonbeak
  • Nodzilla
  • Okahze
  • Acramesia
  • Spike
  • Prowlus
  • Scolopendra
  • Miriam
  • Fearsome
  • Ehrkann
  • Damien
  • Carnwing
  • Hans
  • Rhazier Blackthorn
  • Incandesia Shimmerscale
  • Lisarell Spikeback
  • Caliga
  • Heastah Iceblade
  • Dagan Snowthroat
  • Sawbora
  • Del
  • Snap
  • Dorathia Jadenhorn
  • Xarei Firewing

Chapter 4[]

  • Night Terror
  • Airash Crystaltoe
  • Shipovnik Berrytail
  • South Sunwing
  • Tejorf Siclewing
  • Zeus Thunderfang
  • Terraria Soilwing
  • Titan Ironhorn
  • Obscura Starwing
  • Kyron Frostfire
  • Nina
  • Terrador
  • Cyril
  • Volteer
  • Korfeo
  • Kallikrates
  • Seskel
  • Eider
  • Alphonsor
  • Snowflake
  • Smokey
  • Altan
  • Spyro
  • Sparx
  • Impaser Redcutter

Chapter 5[]

Chapter 6[]


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