Full name Poisonomorph
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Gender Female
Species Dark dragon
Type Parasite
Element(s) Poison
Skill level Intermediate
Family Kaige (daughter)
Mindtaker (son)
Savanth (son)
Sawbora (daughter)
Droolepad (son)
Civil status Not a citizen of Warfang
Dark army status Elite
Intelligence High
Can speak? Yes
Created by Darkanioid1997
Belongs to Darkanioid1997
Comics The First Half-Darker

Poisonomorph was an alien-like darker with an exposed brain and an manipulative ego to match. She was one of the elite darkers of the dark army, answering to Poisonbeak's orders, which she hates deeply.

Personality & Character Edit

Poisonomorph was one of the smartest Darkers ever seen. Her wisdom enabled her to make very sophisticated manipulations of her enemies. She measured the strength of Darkers by their intelligence: The fool is the weak and the smart is the strong.

She usually talked to other darkers that she deemed 'intelligent' such as Zadimus and other darkers that matched her intelligence.

Skills & abilities Edit

Poison Breath Edit

Normal poison breath attacks.

Whip Attack Edit

She can also pull out two whips from her paws and use them to attack her enemies. She is also can bring out spikes from them whenever she chooses.

Feeding From Negative Features Edit

As a parasite, she could feed herself on the negative feelings of her enemies, such as hatred, fear, revenge, anxiety and more.

Poison Bite Edit

Bite the victim in the neck and bite his neck 8-13 times with little poisonous spike on her tongue.

Toxic Spikes Edit

Poisoning the enemy with 10 poisonous spines around the body: six in the antennas, two in the whips, one in the tail and one in the tongue.

Weaknesses Edit

Except Elemental light, Poisonomorph's biggest weakness is her exposed brain. If it's envelope is punctured, she will die. The envelope can be damaged by a fast and precise attack, like an arrow, but not a normal arrow: the options are light arrow or arrow with a Light Crystal. Powerful creatures can use their teeth to open it themselves, but the poison inside would weaken them for some time.

Backstory Edit

Before Poisonomorph became the smart devil she is today, she was like any other Darker: average intelligence and acting by instincts. Soon she became smarter and began to hate taking orders. She always hated to obey the alphas but she could not refuse them, which caused her to be very indignant. One day, out of a bad mood, she did "things" with the infamous nope, Scolopendra. This creeping spawning led to three eggs. She always checked the eggs in her cave to see when they will hatch and will be able to eat the hatchlings.

Once when she checked the eggs, she saw three small Darkers running around the area. She chased them and managed to eat one. The other two escaped. In the years, her perspective changed and she began to measure intelligence of darkers. There were very few Darkers that she truly honored because of their intelligence.

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She was killed a few years after the Bloody Dawn. Later, her corpse was eaten by Droolepad.

Relationships Edit

Her relations will be like this with any Darker:

  • High intelligence-very strong, she will respect those darkers and will not attack them.
  • Average intelligence-intermediate-she will not think anything special about them and she might attack them.
  • Low intelligence-weak-she will underestimate those darkers,insult them and probably always attack them.

Scolopendra Edit

She broke off all contact with him because of his low intelligence, for her, he is only a poor beast.

Guillotinesis Edit

She respects him because of his strategic personality, his intelligence and his method to wait for the right moment.

Nightshade Edit

She respects him because of his high intelligence. She also loves his crystals.

Poisonbeak Edit

She hates Poisonbeak very much, but she still has to obey him which is annoying to her.

Wormtail Edit

She respects the little worm darker because of her stealth capabilities, but thinks that her size is not good enough.

Mindtaker Edit

She remembers him as one of her spawns who escaped. His existence reminds her the mistake she did when she didn't watch over the eggs she wanted to eat.

Hades Edit

Hades is another one of those she honored, they had a few "attempts" together.

Gallery Edit

Notes Edit

  • She usually manipulates to convince other Darkers to help her;
  • Her pipes are connected to her brain and increase her strength.