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Orhasso Blueribbon
Full name Orhasso Blueribbon
Age Pre-Elder
Status Alive
Gender Male
Species Western dragon
Type Air dragon
Element(s) Wind, tornado
Skill level Guardian
Family Amaris Feathertail (brother)
Cirika Feathertail (niece)
Plume Feathertail (niece)
Isky Blackpaw (cousin)
Tori Jewelhorn (cousin)
Civil status 1st class civilian
Occupation Guardian
Created by RusCSI
Belongs to RusCSI
Comics Birds

Orhasso is the Guardian of Wind and Tornado.

Personality & Character

He considers the air dragons to be the best, very racist, even towards the 1st class guys of other types. And by his "racism" it's meant that he considers all air dragons, no matter what district they live in, to be his equals. Even the 3rd class.

However, he always looks down at the rest and tends to talk/behave in this manner, though he’s always careful to not tell much; quite flexible with words, so sometimes you can’t say if he really called you something dirty or you just misheard it.

Also he likes quizzes, treasures his awesome big wings and kinda paranoic about his tail pinions, which were accidentally ripped a few times in the past and regrew back slowly.

Skills & abilities

Everything from air/wind breath to wind fury (which blasts all enemies everywhere with a good pressure, so that they land on hard surfaces with many broken bones/spines/necks/wings/etc, or/and sends 'em all quite far away from him). His mastered tornado element allows him to create a tornado of any "size", from usual to tiniest (mostly for fun).


He's not one of the strongest Guardians and has a pretty low defence against physical attacks.


He's rumoured to be from the same tribe as Amaris and Ganelle Feathertails, parents of Cirika and Plume, but he himself either denies it, ignores or changes the subject. Orhasso doesn't like discussing his roots at all (but he's actually Amaris' younger brother).

He never concerned himself with building a family and lived all by himself.

Though, when a new sound guardian was approved, he found out that he was drawn to her. Really drawn. Love from the 1st sight at this age, huh... why not.


Meefala Eyewing

Unexpectedly for himself, he fell in love with her. It's been almost a whole lifetime since he felt something like this, an urge to have someone by his side and protect them. Even though Orhasso swore to never get involved into relationships anymore (due to trauma in the past), he just... couldn't help it. He knows that relationships between Guardians are forbidden, but yet he would do a lot for her. He would even go as far as to quit the Guardian position, if Meefala finally accepts him.

Mrak Longwing

While most Longwings avoid and do not even greet him despite sharing some history, this one tends to stalk him, to talk when no one's around.

He seems to care about Mrak to some extent, like one would about a not-so-distant relative.



  • His name comes from French 'aurassos', a very strong northern-west mistral;
  • His last name comes from his habit of wearing blue ribbons on his horns;
  • His mane keeps its form no matter what conditions he's been through... magic;
  • He is a great-uncle to Tori Jewelhorn and Isky Blackpaw.