Maxim Blackback
Full name Maxim Blackback
Age Adult
Status Petrified
Gender Male
Species Western dragon
Type Earth dragon
Element(s) Earth
Skill level Guardian
Civil status 1st class civilian
Occupation Dragon army
Army rank Colonel
Created by DragonOfIceAndFire
Belongs to Karasura-ka

Maxim is a rare, deer-horned earth dragon.

Maxim was petrified by Seifer a year before Bloody Dawn. The status and whereabouts of the statue remain unknown.

Personality & Character Edit

He is a silent and very serious dragon. Also acting more like a loner...

He never expressed any interest in making friends or getting married. After the start of the war, he focused on nothing but training and fighting in the war. Even though he did not try to make any friend's, he still got some in the army. He is know nfor being battlesome and strong, but also clever on the battlefield. Many darkers die, thanks to his claws.

Skills & abilities Edit

Earth Blast Edit

Maxim can shoot a shattering earth blast that can pulverize rock and kill instantly at close range.

Earthquake Edit

He can create a earthquake with some power. Not as strong like a real earthquake dragon user, but still powerful.

Earth Armored Boulder Edit

He can manifest a spicky earth boulder around himself, to protects himself from everything. He can also hurt enemies in this form... He only need to roll.

Earth Bomb Edit

He can manifest his earth breath into a bomb for launching if his target is out of reach.

Earth Fury Edit

This devastating fury destroys anything near him.

Weaknesses Edit

He is a little slow flyer. More is not known.

Backstory Edit

Maxim comes from a tribe of deer-horned earth dragons. At the start of the war, his entire tribe was nearly killed. He fled to Warfang, where he joined the army. He trained vigorously every day - not only his element, but his physical strength, endurance, speed, etc. He became very powerful, which led to his high rank. He is known for having taken down really dangerous Darkers, and even golems. Around one year before Bloody Dawn, he got turned to a statue by Seifer.

Relationships Edit

Scorian Magmaback Edit

Thanks to this guy from the Army, he got some friends. Even if he did not really want. Scorian was often around him, to talk with him and speak with him... Because he looked 'lonely'. Maxim does not really care about it, but in some point it was fine for him.

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