Leyden Thundertail
Full name Leyden Thundertail
Age Teen
Status Alive
Gender Male
Species Western dragon
Type Electric dragon
Element(s) Electricity
Skill level Intermediate
Family Unknown
Civil status 2nd class civilian
Occupation Scholar
Created by DragonOfIceAndFire
Belongs to Solistica

Personality & Character Edit

Grumpy, easily annoyed. Anti-social. Negative.

Backstory Edit

Nothing out of the ordinary. Was born in Warfang, went to school.

Never managed to make any friends though.

His parents died in Bloody Dawn, too. Which made him even more bitter.

Relationships Edit

Electroy Thunderfang Edit

Leyden hates him for not taking his to-be Guardian position seriously. Wishes he could be guardian himself.

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Notes Edit