Korya Darkwing
Full name Korya Darkwing
Age Teen
Status Alive
Gender Male
Species Western dragon
Type Unknown/earth dragon mix
Element(s) Stone (rock)
Skill level Intermediate
Family Eirei Darkwing (father)
unnamed mother (deceased)
Civil status 1st class civilian
Occupation Guardian apprentice
Created by RusCSI
Belongs to RusCSI
Comics Encounter

Korya Darkwing is the Stone Guardian apprentice.

Personality & Character

Korya doesn't like the class discrimination, nor guards' attitude.

He is often embarassed by his father.

Skills & abilities

At the moment Korya is able to manipulate rocks/stones by changing its shape.

Stone wall

By using the stones from the pavement (or a rock) he can create a stone wall in a matter of seconds. It can protect from most attacks.


Both Korya's parents used to serve in the army for some time, then his father moved to Royal Guard. His mother decided to be in reserve for the time of raising him.

During the Bloody Dawn, however, his mother told she would help the wounded when she actually went outside as a volunteer. Neither Korya nor his father, who was busy with protecting the walls and the gates back then, knew about it. She didn't return.

The loss struck them hard, but in the end they managed to cope with it.


Eirei Darkwing

Korya's father, who lets him do pretty much a lot of things many 1st class parents forbid, especially communicating freely with other classes.

Iky Longhorn

Korya's school friend, whom he once "saved" from a guard. He has a little crush on her.

Imperia Slatewing

Korya is actually quite eager to learn more of his element, but his teacher rarely on her "place", therefore he tries searching for her first, but either he looks at wrong places, or she hides on purpose. He had maybe a couple of lessons, very short ones. Usually he gives up and goes walking as he has nothing else to do, or spend time looking for Iky.