Iky Longhorn
Full name Ipacieze Longhorn
Age Teen
Status Alive
Gender Female
Species Western dragon
Type Earth/ice dragon mix
Element(s) ???
Skill level ???
Family unnamed father (deceased)
unnamed mother (missing)
Civil status 3rd class civilian
Occupation ???
Created by RusCSI
Belongs to RusCSI
Comics Encounter

3rd class life is never a choice you do freely, it's only a matter of things, bad luck.

Personality & Character

Iky is rather passive and shy.

She's a bit clumsy, therefore she has a habit of blurting out "I'm sorry" every time she does something wrong or is accused of doing something wrong... even being a "filth" from the 3rd district.

Skills & abilities

She has not yet discovered her element. Iky believes that she may be even elementless.


Iky used to live in the 2nd class district with both her parents, leading a rather average life.

During the events of Bloody Dawn however, her father volunteered to join the army, and as the day ended, he returned alive, but gravely wounded. Before the grim battle ensued, it was him who contributed almost 80% of the household's income, but now he could barely move. For this reason his mate tried to compensate the loss by using what little spare time she had, and leaving Iky to take care of her father. Even through all the effort, it soon proved to be to no avail.

They were evicted to the 3rd class district, and not long after this, Iky's father died, unable to cope with his battle wounds.

Living only with her mother now, Iky started picking up small jobs to earn what little she could. It worked quite well and things started to brighten up for them, but the cruel Fate wouldn't have it so.

About a year after her father's death, Iky's mother dissappeared. Iky didn't think of it much, surely she was just away on an errand. However, her mother didn't return the day after, nor for a week, nor for a very long time. Could she of abandoned her? Or had something...?

Her desperate search proved futile.

Now, left alone and to her own devices, Iky lives in solitude while visiting her school, working her jobs and returning home to sleep, dreaming about her mother coming back.


Korya Darkwing

Iky's school friend, who saved her from a police guard. She likes him a bit.



  • Iky's full name is actually Ipacieze; she chose 'Iky' to make her name shorter and easier to pronounce and to be kind of similar to her idol's. She is a fan of Isky Blackpaw, one of Freedom Flyers.