Full name Hisstearia
Status Deceased
Gender Female
Species Dark dragon
Type Normal
Element(s) Fear
Skill level Intermediate
Family Sirenous Ebonwing (son)
Civil status Not a citizen of Warfang
Dark army status Omega
Intelligence High
Can speak? Yes
Created by Kal0wen
Belongs to Kal0wen
Comics The bird song

Hisstearia was one of few darkers, who became victims to Mr. Blackclaw's sick obssession.

In her case, however, it ended up with her survival and... a halfler.

Personality & Character Edit

For a darker, she was rather quiet and nonaggressive, at the lower end of darker society, despite being of rather high intelligence.  She followed orders obediently as she was physically incapable of fighting back for the most part.

Skills & abilities Edit

Hisstearia was able to manipulate those with lesser intelligence then her own as she was quite a good talker.

She could also use a screech that could paralyze or deafen her enemies.

Weaknesses Edit

Elemental light; because of her extremely slight build she could almost never win a claw to claw fight.

Backstory Edit

Hisstearia was always an extraordinary weak darker, so much so that it was even a miracle that she survived to adulthood. However it was discovered that she was quite apt at getting into places that more powerful could not, as she was small and never seen as a threat. Due to this she was often used as a scout or bait by the dark army leaders.

On one of her many ventures to scout Warfang she was captured by no one, but Doucheicus Blackclaw... and surprisingly after he had enough of fun, he didn't kill her as he believed she'd die by herself soon. She didn't.

Some time later she laid an egg that wasn't black at all, so she was ready to smash it when she was interrupted by another darker, who caused her to retreat and then killed.

And the egg? It was long forgotten.

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