Grail Lavaspear
Full name Grail Lavaspear
Age Teen
Status Alive
Gender Male
Species Western dragon
Type Fire dragon
Element(s) Lava
Skill level Average
Civil status 1st class civilian
Occupation Guardian apprentice
Created by DragonOfIceAndFire
Belongs to Desrosaur

Grail Lavaspear is the Lava Guardian apprentice.

Personality & Character Edit

He was rude, and considered himself above others and really bothered the female apprentices. After the events of "Puppet master" and another encounter with Lawrence he started to question his own behavior in general and became remorseful of his actions and even developed a crush on Tundrine.

Skills & abilities Edit

Basic element abilities.

Lava bombsEdit

Can create and spit lava bombs

Lava spearEdit

He can create a lava bomb shaped like a large spear and send it at an opponent

Lava spit and internal body heatEdit

He can spit portions of lava and heat up his body.

Lava coatingEdit

Can cover his claws horns and tail in small portions of lava

Enhanced strength ,stamina, and durabilityEdit

Has a large amount of strength durability and stamina due to being a lava user and being part of the earth branch.

Backstory Edit

This section will be updated later.
He got uncomfortably close to Seva once, and Drace beat him so badly he was nearly got dropped as an apprentice himself. This would have been the case if he wasn't the only available Laser dragon...Grail doesnt try to get close to either of them anymore, but he felt bad about the whole thing deep down. He used to hang with Dorkus occasionally and make life miserable for others. He also got whooped by Lawrence. Its these string of events that are the source of his current behavioral change, his drive to become stronger...and his recent crush.


Tundrine Frigidheart Edit

While he covers it up with with abrasive flirting he is head over heels for her

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