Fox Phoenixwing
Full name Fox Phoenixwing
Status Deceased
Gender Female
Species Western dragon
Type Fire dragon
Element(s) Fire
Skill level Guardian
Family Blazer Swiftblade (mate, deceased)
Burner Phoenixwing (son)
Roaster Phoenixwing (son)
Sneaker Phoenixwing (son)
Stormer Phoenixwing (son)
Civil status 2nd class civilian (up to teen age)
3rd class civilian (the rest of life)
Occupation Freedom Flyer
Team Beta (Pre-Bloody Dawn)
Team rank 1st in command (leader)
Created by Xannador
Belongs to Xannador

Fox Phoenixwing was one of the first Freedom Flyers, also being the leader of Team Beta Pre-Bloody Dawn.

She was the mother of Burner Phoenixwing and his siblings.

Skills & abilities Edit

Her fire was redder and colder than usual. Of course it still burned, but slower. In exchange, Phoenixwing's fire was wilder and burned longer than others.

Backstory Edit

Originally, she was being trained to become the next fire guardian.She already knew Blazer during her youth, and they often held little battles to see who was the strongest.

But when Ember announced that only first class dragons and royals could become guardians now, her personal training was stopped, just when she was about to graduate. In frustration, she kept training her element, but she was already at a low guardian level and didn't seem to improve anymore. Her personal situation went from bad to worse when her parents were killed by darkers and she couldn't affort her house alone anymore. She was degraded from second to third class district very soon. That's when she Blazer came back into the picture.

The two former rivals eventually fell in love and had one kid who they named Burner. By that time, the Freedom Flyers were rising up and both Fox and Blazer decided to join. However, they lied to them about having kids. The freedom flyers had no problem with couples joining if they were both skilled enough, but if they had kids, at least one would no longer be allowed to join because if both parents were killed, the kids would be on their own. And the FF wanted to avoid such drama's.

So they were often away for very long periods of time, and Burner was left behind. A few years later they had a new clutch with 3 eggs, who later became Sneaker, Stormer and Roaster.

Unfortunately, not much later, The clash of bloody dawn happened. During the battle, Blazer was killed, and Fox went into blind rage. In this state she was killed immediatly.

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Notes Edit

  • She was rather small, even for a female dragon.