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This page exists to explain some rather specific terms in the PL universe.

The terms are put into alphabetical order, and are either fully explained in a few sentences, or linked to the articles with much more information.


  • Bloody Dawn - is a battle between the dark army and Warfang, which happened 5 years prior to the events of the main comic. It was named so for big losses from the Warfang side, as besides the military, civilians were allowed to fight; all of it resulted in a big massacre, with very few survivors on the Warfang side. If the dark army didn't suddenly retreat despite having an advantage, the city would fall, no doubt. For more information, please visit Bloody Dawn.


  • Crossbreeds
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are offspring between western dragons and western dark dragons (not darkers). Crossbreeds and halfers are close terms, the difference is whether the dark parent is corrupted or not.


  • Darkers - also known as dark dragons, these are creatures, descended from Pure Darkness. While the essence of a creature of light is to bring life, protect it and be alive, darkers exist to take it. Their “life” resolves around destroying life and bring death. For the whole article, please visit Darkers.


  • Elemental - short for "elemental user", is a term used for dragons to specify their element (i.e. blood elemental, fire elemental ,etc).


  • Freedom Flyers - are a small part of the army, consistent of 5 teams who contain the absolute elite, the strongest warriors. Only they are allowed outside the city after the Bloody Dawn. Their main objective is to find and eliminate the dark masters. For the whole article, please visit Freedom Flyers.


  • Halfers - also known as half-darkers, are offspring between dragons and darkers. For the whole article, please visit Half-darkers.


  • Original element(s) - elemental tree base elements - light and darkness.


  • Sanguinem Connexa - is a special bond between siblings, which exists from the moment these are born/hatched. This bond doesn't grant any special power to either of siblings though, but may affect them: for example, if a sibling is killed, the other would feel the final blow (i.e. if it was an arrow in the heart, the other sibling would feel as if their heart was pierced by an arrow, too) - actual physical pain, which lasts from a couple of minutes to few hours (varies with each individual) and then wears off + they would feel a part of them gone, missing due to the bond being broken.