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Not to be confused with darkers who are called "dark dragons" by citizens of Warfang.

WARNING: This section contains spoilers for Chapter 6 of the main comic!

Western dark dragons, also known as dark dragons, are a sentient species of... dragons who wield dark elemental magic (opposite of dragons who currently reside in Warfang). They didn't get along with other dragons for various reasons, and for that went into hiding to avoid conflicts.



Dark dragons lived mostly in underground cities similar to the one in Warfang (in fact the Warfang underground city was built by them, but abandoned at some point).

The Corruption

During the event majority of dark dragons were corrupted by unknown force, turning into first darkers (alternatively labeled as 'the corrupted'). Very few dark dragons were lucky to obtain a light crystal and thus escaped the fate of majority.


The unaffected survivors fled the cities and eventually settled on an unknown island.


  • While light crystals are what protects the dark dragons from being corrupted at the moment, it's all it does for them - it cannot be used to undo the corruption and will ultimately lead to the death of the corrupted regardless of the purification method.