Pure Light Wiki

General information

Certain crystals are considered to be gifts from the Ancestors to aid dragons in times of need.

Most crystals regrow over time.

Usually it's used in a form of shards - pieces of actual crystals.

Types of crystals

Dood crystals

Crystals of this type have no specific effect on dragons.

Crystals of this type can be created by crystal elemented dragons or found in natural locations.

Dark crystals

Ranging from dark purple to black in colour, these crystals weaken dragons, disabling the use of elemental magic, and aid darkers instead by boosting their regenerative and elemental abilities.

Due to dark energy being spread across the world, this type is very common. The biggest area covered by dark crystals is the Dark Masters' hideout.

In Warfang, such crystals are used on dragon prisoners to disable their elemental abilities.

Healing crystals

Healing crystals are red coloured and heal the wounds of dragons when shattered; big crystals can even heal internal damage. However, healing crystals are not an almighty cure from any damage and in rare cases don't do much.

This type of crystals is very scarce: almost non-existent in the world outside Warfang, and in Warfang there are a few growing crystal batches which are well protected by the royal guard, plus it's very expensive, so it's usually only used by 1st class citizens who can afford buying it from the royal family.

Light crystals

Counterpart to the dark, this type does the reverse - weakens darkers and boosts dragons' abilities. It is also rumoured to be able to purify, but it doesn't seem to be true as the darkers who were purified simply died.

Light crystals are even more scarce than healing and magic crystals. The royals also have a few growing batches under their security.

Magic crystals

Crystals of this type are bright green in colour and restore an ability of dragons to use elemental magic. It allows dragons to prolong the use of their elements.

Same as healing crystals, this type is scarce and expensive, but it's in less demand.


Agoras Gem

Also known as Devil Gem. Mentioned in chapter 1 of the main comic as a combination of a crystal and a diamond which allowed to possess a dragon's body, control it and use their elements. All are considered to be destroyed completely due to the danger it held.

Mind diamonds

Used for moving objects with it. Nowadays it's a part of prosthetics.