Claymore Ironsong
Full name Claymore
Age Adult
Status Alive
Gender Male
Species Western dragon
Type Fire/earth dragon mix
Element(s) Fire
Skill level Intermediate
Family Aralei and Falchion (parents)
Tipsay (mate)
Chiani (daughter)
Civil status 2nd class civilian
Occupation Smith in "Drakenodem"
Created by Aarok
Belongs to Aarok

Claymore is a smith who, together with his mate, creates the armor for Freedom Flyers.

Personality & Character Edit

Clay seems to like his job a lot, spending most of his time working and constantly trying to improve. He succeeded when he opened his own forge and developed a unique way for crafting armor.

Backstory Claymore comes out of a family of great dragon smiths, who call all their male heirs after weapons since they believe it would give them strength and a feeling for metal (the material, not the music). He spend most of his life in the forge of his father until he was old enough to travel through the land and learnt new technics from different smiths. After his return to Warfang, he soon fell in love with Tipsay, the daughter of a jewelcrafter. After the birth of their daughter, Clay fullfilled himself a wish and finally openend his own forge called "Drakenodem". He is quite famous for his unique way to use ice and fire to make the metal way more enduarble, and also for his wit.

Relationships Edit

Tipsay Edit

His mate, whom he works together with in his forge.

Chiani Edit

His daughter, whom he cares for deeply.

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