Casi Silverscale
Full name Casi Silverscale
Age Elder
Status Alive
Gender Male
Species ???
Element(s) Gravity
Skill level Guardian
Civil status Freedom Flyer
Team Alpha
Team rank 2nd in command
Army rank Colonel
Created by Xannador
Belongs to Xannador
Comics Main comic
Bloody Dawn
Old Scars
Sp: Bloody darkers
Your Time is Over (animation)

Casi Silverscale was the one who offered the idea of creating the Freedom Flyers and also one of the first Freedom Flyers (and the oldest).

Personality & Character

Like Cynder, Casi is very serious and often silent. However, unlike her, Casi does open up to other people after a while and manages to drop his serious character now and then.

Skills & abilities

He can control gravitation in the area around him. 

Casi has the ability to made his enemies float helplessly or throw them into walls without having to touch them. It's comparable to telekinesis.

He can also make the gravitation around him much stronger, resulting into his enemies being stuck on the ground like a rock.


Elements that are not effected by gravity or go too fast for him, like electricity.

He also cannot swim.


No one really knows where he came from and what his motives are to work with Cynder. All that is confirmed is that he simply "appeared" after Spyro became evil and saved Cynder multiple times before convincing her to create the freedom flyers. He never agreed to work under a higher rank than the black general for unknown reasons.


General Cynder

Casi has been the main consultant and closest friend of Cynder for years now. The two of them often have unspoken conversations and seem to understand each other more than anyone in the team.


  • Casi always writes what he sees during his excursions outside of Warfang down in a notebook. It was published once... But then Princess Ember forbid the publication of the book and all of the copies had to be destroyed. They had to be because the book tempted the civilians of Warfang too much to go outside as well... Even though they couldn't without destroying one of the crystals, which is impossible for an average level dragon;
  • Casi doesn't have wings but he has the ability to fly. He uses his gravitation powers to lift himself into the air, a skill almost unique to him because of the fact gravity dragons are very unknown.
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