Bornak Profile 2
Full name Bornak
Also known as Metalback
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Gender Male
Species Dark dragon
Type Normal
Element(s) Metal
Skill level Master
Civil status Not a cititzen of Warfang
Dark army status Soldier
Intelligence Average
Can speak? Yes
Created by Darkanioid1997
Belongs to Darkanioid1997
Comics Sp: Dark Messenger
The bird song

Bornak is a Scorpion-like Darker

Personality & Character Edit

Bornak is aggressive and brutal. His intelligence is moderate and he can speak, but doesn't use this capability often, only with the alphas and the purple dragons (if he will even get a chance to speak to one).

He despises the freedom flyers, and becomes even more aggressive than usual when he confronts one or more of them. 

Skills & abilities Edit

In addition to the metal element, Bornak also has immense physical strength that can be used in battles. After he lost his wings, he developed other methods to fight and get around without the aeiral adventege.

Physical Strength Edit

Since Bornak can't fly, he had to move around in other ways. He climbed up and run to wherever he went to, causing his muscles to get stronger. Although he has no wings now, his body is very strong physically. He knows to jump and climb better than most of the darkers. He is an insade killing machine in the battlefield.

Metalic Claws Edit

Bornak had the ability to change the shape of his two front paws into two, massive metalic claws in order to crush and kill his enemies brutally. With the big, heavy claws, he can't run normally, so he runs like a gorila instead. In the battlefield, he acts like a mad animal, he crushing, climbing, roaring and brings destruction and death.

Metallic Scorpion Tail Edit

Bornak has a metallic scorpion tail that he can use it to attack his enemies. The tail might be metal, but it can sting in an quite impressive speed. However, the stinger just stings, with no poison effects or anything else.

Metallic Armor Edit

Bornak's back armor is very strong, but it slows him down on occasions. The armor looks like a crab's armor, but sometimes Bornak turns it into a spiky version of itself when he's aggressive.

Metalic Manipulation Edit

Bornak can cause metal to "grow" out of the ground in the forms of sharp spikes in order to catch and pierce every enemy who stands on the land or fly above it. He can also create metalic walls to protect him from massive attacks.

Weaknesses Edit

His main weaknesses are his lack of wings and his vulnerability to elemental light, but it could be possible to outthink him in battle, given his relyence on instincts and aggressive behaviour. The challenge, however, is evading his attacks.

Backstory Edit

Bornak is one of the oldest monster type darkers, appearing in 1552 and being the killer of King Cardashian. He was easily drawn to the biggest battles. 

At one point, Bornak lost his wings when a freedom flyer burned his back with a powerful fire breath, The darker survive the encounter and covered his burned back with an armor he made from metallic parts that organize in a way that resembles a crab's armor. 

Gallery Edit

Notes Edit

  • He is one of the biggest darker in the dark army, 13 meters tall;
  • Despite having a few similarities to a scorpion, Bornak behaves more like a gorilla;
  • He can walk on two feet, and even run on two for short distances;
  • His neck is shorter and wider than overage.