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Draykat Draykat 11 September 2020


I have returned

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Rodrigo22Borgia Rodrigo22Borgia 1 May 2019

Validor’s song

Going through all of my notes,    
Feeling the void inside,    
Darkness is hunting my thoughts,
Who would stay by my side?    

Fire is burning deep in my soul,         
I don’t know what to do, I'd rather stay alone.    

Running won’t help me, yet I still try,            
Thinking of leaving, but I...can't just say goodbye.

For years I’ve been hiding truth,
No one knew who I was,
They said that I'd become cruel,
I believed it would pass...

I am no monster, why would I be one?
The feeling and thought of becoming fearsome...

Destined to be cursed by spirit of dark,
It is not me, but I carry ... black mark.

I cannot, I just won't do it,
Won’t surrender to past,
I don’t know how could I prove it,
I will just stay outcast...

If I kept hiding, none would have noti…

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Rodrigo22Borgia Rodrigo22Borgia 13 February 2019

The world of darkness

The darkness has taken the one we believed,
The war is near and our fate not revealed,
For our folly now we will pay,
Malefor’s forces will take over the day.

Guardians gathered, unleashed their force,
Banished him, far away with painful roars,
We can now celebrate, but don’t waste a tear,
Legends speak of return of darkness and fear,

Darkness is lurking behind the light,
Resist can only those with strongest of might,
Who knows what future will to us bring,
Everything known to us gone with a blink.

Year of the dragon, supposed to be happy,
But our fate yet again turns to be unlucky,
Eggs are all smashed, guardians gone,
No one knows how to help what had been done.

Our dark foe fell to his end,
Yet another enemy corrupts our land,
Terror of the skies will le…

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Rodrigo22Borgia Rodrigo22Borgia 11 February 2019

Questions, questions and more questions

Hello fellow wiki users,

I have this project of mine, which is covering as much as I can about this wonderful world and using it for construction of hopefully working and balanced D&D campaign. If you’ve ever heard about D&D, than you know that it’ll be a lot of work, but if I manage to make a working version, I’ll give free access to it. Those are some of the most basic questions I could think of and I need to know and more are to come. For any information I’ll be grateful and if you are interested more, just send me a message.




What is the size of Warfang City?

What is the size of city population?

What is the population density of the city?

What are all the intelligent species?

How big part of the population are dragons and other races?

What …

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Draykat Draykat 2 September 2018

side-character creation

this post is directed to all the artists out there. 

If anyone would like to design some darkers, dragons, or other creatures, I would be happy to create some personality and backstories. My drawing skills are paramount, but I don't have access to digital mediums, and it just doesn't feel right adding pencil-and-paper art to a primarily digital comic series. so until I have a new laptop and digital practice, I'm going to have to settle for contributing to the wiki with my knowledge of the English language. 

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Draykat Draykat 29 August 2018

Public anouncement

After my summer-long hiatus (spent without any access to wifi; I'm a wild man at heart) I am back to the business of making sure that this site makes sense in English. 

- may the ancestors watch over you, 


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Draykat Draykat 2 May 2018

about the elements

Hello again, to any who might be reading this. 

recently, I have been asking myself some questions. not just about the darkers, but about the elements themselves... 

as I was questioning exactly where the darkers came from, and what they are, I also got to wondering; how did they come to possess qualities that are so similar to that of dragons? 

now that I think of it, it may be possible that the darkers were once dragons, who were corrupted by darkness, and over time mutated to better suit their malicious desires. 

so, then how did the dark varities of elements show up? why are some elements rarer than others, namely the more powerful elements, such as solar flare, hurricane, earthquake, when one would expect more powerful elements to be more…

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Draykat Draykat 27 April 2018

I wonder where the darkers came from.

I wonder where the darkers came from. 

It's been years since they showed up here. I don't know if any of us can even remember a day when the threat of them attacking us didn't exist. 

But where did they come from? 

I don't understand. 

If they came from the stars, then wouldn't the ancestors have held them back? 

and if they came from underground, released by the awakening of the destroyer, wouldn't they have been encountered beforehand by the moles and earth and crystal dragons? 

what are they? 

I am determined to find out. 

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RusCSI RusCSI 3 August 2017


If you receive or transfer a character from someone, you LET ME KNOW. Beforehand. Without silent shady changes in the dark. Otherwise I nulify all your changes and ownership, in severe cases I may even erase the character from the wiki and PL universe.

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WandererTamplior WandererTamplior 31 July 2017

Missing Article

Greetings to everyone here. Sorry about my lack language, but I had a question as well.

Where is Blazer Swiftwing article? I remember it was there, on wiki. But now it's gone.

Any reasons?

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Darkanioid1997 Darkanioid1997 24 March 2017

To Do List(DeviantArt)

Isolation: Page 7(On hold)
Cenkaudra: Page 4
Species Guide: Scarribats(In Progress-Writing)
Redesigned Characters: 3/6 completed

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ZanarNaryon ZanarNaryon 12 January 2017


Get to work, people, despite our efforts, there are still a lot of errors in articles. This wiki is bigger than you'd think.

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RusCSI RusCSI 20 December 2016


I made some boards on the forum, so you can discuss anything there. No need to spam wiki articles or walls.

>> http://pure-light.wikia.com/wiki/Special:Forum

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RusCSI RusCSI 13 December 2016

Comments disabled

Due to recent comment spam on articles, I have DISABLED comments on ALL articles.

You can still talk on user walls or blogs. Just no more article comments, too much spam.

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Krysow Krysow 10 December 2016


It's just a idea, but I suggest to delete all not-in-use profiles.

There are a lot of characters that uh... have nothing but a un-complete profile for example:



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RusCSI RusCSI 29 November 2016

Annd Bloody

I got more info on the Bloody Dawn from Xan, so I'll make an article on it once I write it in a readable way.

And without spoilers.

The whole thing is how the comic 'Bloody Dawn' was supposed to go. So ye.

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Dessyking73 Dessyking73 3 July 2016


Well been doing editing thing, trying to clean stuff up hehe.

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Scorchymoon Scorchymoon 12 June 2016

Correcting mistakes and cleaning up

I will help around mostly to correct mistakes.

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RusCSI RusCSI 8 May 2016


I have enabled the achievements, and will update the pictures/titles.

Progress so far:

  • Category track - 2/?
  • Wiki love track - not done;
  • Special - 3/4
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RusCSI RusCSI 24 April 2016

Tasks to do

  1. Make a page for all canon stories;
  2. Fix the descriptions if needed (especially links and status);
  3. Add categories for stories about their status (Ongoing, Finished or Cancelled).
  1. Update and fix the ones that are in need;
  2. FIll in the ones that miss data.
  • PROOFREADING SOME ARTICLES (see the category)
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